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Kentaro TAKI ‘댒‘ž˜Y

    Born Osaka, Japan in 1973. Completed his Master of fine arts through the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Musashino Art University.

    From 2002-2004, he was involved in the Overseas Study Program for Artists by the Cultural Agency of Japan, and then by the POLA Art Foundation Overseas Research Program Grant to spend time at the HFG Karlsruhe ZKM in Germany. PhD at Institute of Urban Innovation, Yokohama National University.@@

    Recently, Taki joined following exhibitions, as "A Land of Happiness – 2019 Treasure Hill Light Festival, " Taipei, 2019, "Kyoto Internatnional Film Festival, " Kyoto, 2018, "Visual Materialism,h MORI YU GALLERY, Kyoto, 2018, "Very Sustainable Environmental Revelation," Moca Yinchuan, China, 2017 , ""C/Sensor-ed Scape," Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo, 2017, "Regeneration Movement: Rethinking Technology in the Digital Age," Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, 2016 , "Les Instant Video: 50 ANS D'ARTS VIDEO," Marseille, France, 2013, "Koganecho Bazaar," Yokohama, 2011. In addition to his art practice he currently works as a director of VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo, a lecturer in media art faculty, Musashino Art Univ. and Mejiro Univ., faculty of art creation, Mejiro Univ..  He is committed to creating alternative artist networks and innovation.

Kentaro TAKI's CV

artist statement/portfolio

    Collage on Media / Site
    Kentaro Taki/ Artist Statement

    Kentaro TAKI has been attempting to create distinctive video pieces or physical works using method of combining or multiplying image and site.

    He tries to experiment to find a new significance and reality with collision of gsystematic meaning, conventionh or ghidden codeh of visual image and site.

    To present elements within spatial composition, he shows miniature of our society with the relationship and the structure of the alienation by isolation.

Through these experiments, his trials compare two different states of urban space, ones are gphysical fullnessh, goverdose of informationh to the others are gemptinessh, gnon-represented absenceh in the circuit of information technology as opposition.

Taki focus on this gap and its complex versions, and try to find the critical position on current situation.

exhibition list

    [ exhibition/group show ]

  • 03.2019 "A Land of Happiness",Video installation, at Treasure Hill, Taiwan Artist Village, Taipei(Taiwan).
  • 10.2018 "Kyoto International Film Festival",Video installation, at ex-Jyupu Elementary School.
  • 09.2017 "Syndro-polis#2",Video installation, at Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art (China)
  • 04.2017 "C/Sensor-ed Scape",Video installation, at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo.
  • 08.2016 "Rendezvous in Syndro-polis",Video installation, Open studio at Tokyo Wonder Site Berlin, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.
  • 03.2016 qRegeneration Movement: Rethinking Technology in the Digital Ager(National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan)group show, installation exhibition
  • 03.2016 qVIDEO FORMESr( Clermont-Ferrand, France) screening
  • 11.2015qKLEX/Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music FestivalriFINDARS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiajscreening
  • 11.2015qIFAT/Inter disciplinary Art Festival TokyoriUPLINK Galleryjinstallation
  • 08.2015qVIDEOs –critical dreams-riKyoto, MORI YU GalleryjInstallation
  • 06.2015qHors Pistes Tokyo 2015riaround Kagurazakajinstallation
  • 02.2015Videoart Promenade in Asagayariaround Asagaya stationjgroup show
  • 11.2014 q Kentaro TAKI Video Collage/Puzzling r (Uplink Factory, Tokyo) solo screening
  • 05.2014 q Videos r (Arts Chiyoda 3331, Mori Yu Gallery, Tokyo)Groups show
  • 11.2013 q Les Instant Video2013 : 50 ANS D'ARTS VIDEO r ( Marseille, France ) installation exhibition
  • 03.2013qMove on Asia 2013r(ZKM Karlsruhe, GER) screening
  • 11.2012q17th Art Film Festivalr(Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya, JPN)screening
  • 11.2012qLange Nacht Kolner Museenr(Japan Foundation in Koeln, GER)screening
  • 11.2012 qBusan International Video Festivalr(Busan, KOR)screening
  • 09.2012 qLes Instant Video 2012r (Marseille, FRA)screening
  • 08.2012qMove on Asia 2012r(Seoul, KOR)screening
  • 06.2012 qHUMAN FRAMES in Berlinr(Berlin, GER) installation, performance
  • 05.2012qHORS PISTES TOKYO 2012 r(UPLINK Shibuya, Tokyo, JPN)screening
  • 05.2012qHong Kong Designerfs Weekr(Marunouchi, Tokyo, JPN)object exhibition
  • 03.2012qTOTAL CITYriInstituto Valencia d'Arte Modern, ESPjvideo exhibition
  • 09.2011qKoganecho Bazaar 2011r(Koganecho, annex of Yokohama Trinial 2011, JPN)public projection
  • 10.2010qKoganecho Bazaar 2010r(Koganecho, Yokohama, JPN) public projection
  • 05.2011qHORS PISTES TOKYOr(UPLINK Shibuya, Tokyo, JPN)screening
  • 03.2011qVideo Lifergroup show with Ko NAKAJIMA(St. PAULst Gallery, Auckland, NZL) installation, performance, workshop
  • 07.2010qMJVAX: Malaysia-Japan Video Art Exhibitionr(National Art Gallery Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, MAS) installation, screening
  • 10.2009 qAsian Art Biennial 2009 Viewpoints and Viewing Pointsr(Taiwan National Art Museum, Taichung, TAW) installation, workshop
  • 03. 2010q9001Final Event, Follow Up!r(Art Space 9001, Sakuragicho, JPNj
  • 10.2009qEmptiness/Fullnessr(ZAIM Gallery, Yokohama, JPN)
  • 08. 2009qthe 1st Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art/ SIDING RAILLOADr(Tokorozawa, Tokyo, JPN) installation
  • 05.2009qImage Forum Festivalr(Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Yokohama, JPN) screening
  • 04.2009qNippon Connection 09r(mousontrum, Frankfurt GER) installation exhibition
  • 03.2009qAviso Especialr(Centro Multi Media, Mexico City, MEX) installation
  • 03.2009qMove on Asia 09r(Art Space Loop, Seoul, KOR) screening
  • 12.2007qEmerging Artists in Meguror(Museum of Art, Meguro Tokyo, JPN)installation
  • 09.2006qMelancholic Utopiar(Yokohama Portside Gallery, Yokohama, JPN)installation
  • 10.2005qYamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2005r(Yamagata, JPN)screening
  • 07.2005qfrom Scratchr(Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya, JPN)installation
  • 05.2005qNihon no Chikaku Tenr(BIX Facade, Graz Museum of Modern Art, AUT)public projection
  • 05.2005qBochum International Video Festivalr(Bochum University, GER)screening
  • 01.2004qTELEPIDEMIC! in Hong Kong!!r(Videotage, HKG) installation
  • 07.2003qO.K. Videoart Festivalr(National Gallery Indonesia, Jakarta, IDN)screening
  • 05. 2003q25hrr( El Raval Sports Pavilion Barcelona, ESP) screening
  • 07.2002qYoung Video Artist Initiativer(Think Zone, Roppongi, JPN) screening, installation
  • 04.2002 qOn goingriEx-Roppongi Senior High school, Roppongi ,Tokyo, JPNjobject exhibition
  • 04.2002qinVex Inter-cultural Videoart Exhibitionr (Art.lab.GOLDENSHIT , Nakano , Tokyo, JPN)screening
  • 04.2002qNippon Connectionr(Frankfurt, GER)screening
  • 04.2002qPHILIP MORRIS ART AWARD 2002:The First Mover(Tokyo Kokusai Forum, Yurakucho, Tokyo, JPN) installation
  • 03.2002qInternational film festival Rotterdamr(Rotterdam, NLD) screening
  • 08.2001qKentaro Taki Solo Exhibitionr(INAX Gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo, JPN)
  • 05.2000qCity Zoomsr(Hannover, GER) screening
  • 11.1999qKasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofestr(Kassel,GER) screening
  • 11.1999qFukui Biennale 8r(Fukui City Museum, Fukui, JPN) installation
  • 03.1999qtransmediale'99r(Berlin, GER) screening
  • 10.1998qKirin Contemporary Art AwardriKirin Art Space Harajyuku, Tokyo / Krin Plaza Osaka, Osaka@JPNj screening

  • [ performance / others ]
  • 04. 2013sWeltSpiel2t(qL'image est deja commencee?rnet streaming program DOMMUNE) solo performance
  • 06. 2012.06 sLIB performance in HumanFramest(Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin, GER) collaboration with Maiko Date(dance)
  • 01.2011sWelt Spielt(Super Deluxe, Tokyo, JPN) solo performance
  • 03.2011sfeedback soundst(st. Paulst Gallery, Auckland, NZL) solo performance
  • 04.2009sLIB performance in Nippon Connectiont(Mousonturm, Frankfurt, GER) collaboration with Maiko Date (dance), Naoya Ooe (electro)
  • 10. 2008 sLIB@performancet(ZAIM Gallery, Yokohama, JPN) collaboration with Maiko Date(dance), Akiko Samukawa(piano), Naoya Ooe(electro)
  • 04.2008severything is everythingtiimages festival, Tront, CANjcollaboration with Tasman Richardson (electro)
  • 09.2006sMelancholic Utopia Performancet(Yokohama Portside Gallery, Yokohama, JPN) collaboration with Masayuki Kawai (video)
  • 07.2006 sMedia Attack / Media Defenset(qElectric Niagara Fallsr,Outlounge, Otsuka, JPN) collaboration with Goldenshit(video), Soichiro Ogawa (electro)
  • 03.2006sOut Scope Performancet(Waseda University, Tokyo, JPN) collaboration with Soichiro Ogawa (electro)
  • 05.2005sSession #1/#2t (Morishita studio, Outlounge, Tokyo, JPN) collaboration with Tan Kai Shing (video)+ Ryota Hamazaki (video)
  • 06.2004sSampled Performance t( eichiigai+freundf, ZKM, Karlsruhe, GER) solo performance
  • 05.2002sExposed Signalst(Phaidros Cafe, Shibuya, Tokyo, JPN) solo performance
  • 12.2001sanswer performance for Taka iimurafs gAIUEONht(Phaidros Cafe Opening Event, Shibuya, Tokyo, JPN)collaboration with Masayuki Kawai (video)+Katzuyuki Hattori (video)
  • 12.1999sVJ for VC STANDt(Gallery Surge, Tokyo, JPN) solo-performance for Dre Wapenaarfs work sVJ STANDt.
  • 11.1999sVideologuet(Fukui City Museum, Fukui, JPN) collaboration with Masayuki Kawai (video)
  • 10.1999sVideologuet(Stripe House Museum, Roppongi, Tokyo, JPN) collaboration with Masayuki Kawai(video)
  • 04.1998 sWorld Wide Network Art '98t( Asahi Art Square, Asakusa, Tokyo, JPN) collaboration with Yuko Sugiyama(violin)

  • [ exhibition organize/produce etc. ]
  • 2015@Videoart Promenade in Asagayaiaround Asagaya stationjgroup show
  • 2014-2015 Video Sparks/Reflexive@2014-2015screening& exhibition
  • 05.2013qShuya ABE and Paik-Abe Video SynthesizerriOkumakine Hall, Waseda University, Tokyo, JPNj
  • 2011 Maurice LEMAITREsKami eno Michi- Japnese VersiontsLe Film est deja Commence?tDVD release
  • 2011sKIKAI DE MIRUKOTO(=Eye Machine/To See by Chance) -the Pioneers of Japanese Videoarts-tdocumentary project
  • 1-3. 2006qV-lounge featuring Canadian Videoartr(Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya)
  • 09.2005 Swiss Videoart featuring Elodie PONGsPeripheral Areat(Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya)
  • 2005.3qPhaidros Cafe Videoart Screeningrfeaturing 80fs videoart/ Retrospective of Toshio MATSUMOTO
  • 2002-2004 qTELEPIDEMIC! International ExhibitionrTokyo, Kobe, Jakarta, Geneva, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, exhibition tour
  • 03. 2001 VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo foundation member with Masayuki KAWAI, Katsuyuki HATTORI

  • [ media ]
  • 2016La Montagne(French)
  • 2014 webDICE@talk session Kentaro Taki+ Shuhei Nishiyama(Japanese)
  • 2012 talk event at blanClasspart1/part2
  • 2010 Interview on Yomiuri Online(streaming)
  • 2009 Younge Germany/ report
  • 2007 Artist talk at Gift_lab
  • 2007 Interview on TVK online(streaming)
  • 2005 Interview at Yamagata International Documentary Festival
  • 2005 Interview at Graz Museum of Art
  • 2004Networking among the Artist/report
  • 2004 "Social Matrix"Peter Weibel/report